MIDWEST DILEMMA - A guitar, red trucker hat, folk songs, and an old Toyota wagon on open road. Justin Lamoureux has been performing as Midwest Dilemma for nearly a decade. Over hills, valleys, across plains, mountains, forests, deserts, rivers, oceans and destinations near and far to share stories of life in the Midwest.

But there is nothing typical about Midwest Dilemma. Lamoureux recruited 23 musical collaborators for the debut release titled Timelines & Tragedies in 2008. The ever changing and revolving cast fill out the woodwind, brass, string, and percussion sections. Timelines & Tragedies is a time line of family history. Tracing Lamoureux's ancestors to their days of French Canadian fur trading, the Great Depression, the struggles of his parents' generation with Vietnam, and eventually concluding with his life in the Omaha.

Timelines & Tragedies was awarded OEA - Album of the Year in 2008 and charted CMJ Top 200. The song Chicago and North Western was featured on the PBS television series Roadtrip Nation.

Live performances Midwest Dilemma can still be Lamoureux and his classical guitar or any variety of the orchestral-folk-rock ensemble.

Midwest Dilemma's album Timelines & Tragedies can be purchased on iTunes or directly from www.midwestdilemma.com.


"The superior storytelling and perfected neurosis of Timelines would make even the late Nick Drake crack a smile." - Hybrid Magazine

"Midwest Dilemma has created a brave, introspective and genre-bending first offering with Timelines and Tragedies." - Tracer Magazine

"Timelines & Tragedies does an extraordinary job of telling the immigrantís story, one that distills the shared experience of severed roots and the dismembering and intimidating shift out of the safe boundaries of home into an uncertain future." - Frederick Foxtrott

"Acoustic Americana, with a subtle instrumental backing that dips from old folk to stylized cinescape." - Song, By Toad

"Midwest Dilemma has constructed a journey for the spirit." - Canadian Audiophile

"Using strings, woodwinds, guitars, accordion and a musical saw this album catapults itself to the upper echelons of folk music." - Here Comes The Flood

"Above all, there is an inexplicable power to Timelines & Tragedies that gives it such an epic quality." - Radio Indy

"Lamoureux is a stream, it doesnít matter if for a time he is only trickling through rocks and soil, his conviction is the rainfall, pouring much needed force sustenance to the stream Ė it canít be stopped. He will find his ocean; itís inevitable." - CityWeekly

"This is an album for our times." - Metric Reflection

"Using strings, woodwinds, guitars, accordion and a musical saw this album catapults itself to the upper echelons of folk music." - Here Comes The Flood

"If you would have told me earlier in the day that Iíd kick off the start of my weekend sitting around listening to 400 years of family history, I probably would have told you to piss off... Midwest Dilemmaís Timelines & Tragedies, Iím pleased to report that Iím doing exactly that." - Rock Sellout

"Midwest Dilemma Better Than Breast Feeding" - Enough Cowbell